Chod Lang

"They don't build them like that anymore."

We can, we do.

The idea for this company came from many sources. It came from a desire to emulate the masters of the past, to improve our craft. It came from a desire to satisfy. To find satisfaction in what we do. It came from customers, like you, who have their own ideas about what it is they want. It came from a desire to inject a personality into our work. The personality of the craftsman, the home, and the customer.

Details Make A Difference

It's the details that make things special. It's the details that stand out. It's the details that stretch our designs into being something personal, one-of-a-kind, uniquely yours. It's the details that make our lives interesting.

Creative Collaboration

We are excited about collaborating with you and your home. To come up with designs that reflect an interpretation of your house's signature, your own ideas, and your comfort. To participate in a project that is not "store-bought" but, rather, brings together our interests, creativity, expertise and energy. To create a space that will have a special appeal for you, living in it.


You, the customer, have a perception of excellence. Our quality is the response to your perception. The quality of our workmanship will be found in the "details" we design.

Chod Lang, Designer , 1992


Contact: Details by Design • Chod Lang • 111 Main St.. •Whitehouse Station, NJ • 08889 • 908-534-4322